Keeping Your Home Clean and Germ Free During Covid

Keeping Your Home Clean and Germ Free During Covid

Keeping your home clean and germ free during Covid has been a priority for everyone and it’s okay to feel uncertain.  Nobody wants to catch Covid or even the regular flu and you want to know how to prevent it from coming it into your home.  As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” so let’s talk about how you can prevent getting sick.

Clean and Disinfect on a Regular Basis

The flu virus is spread when you cough or sneeze and you send airborne droplets throughout your environment.  These droplets can land anywhere and on anything, flu germs can live on a surface for up to eight hours and Covid germs can last up to a couple of days which is one of the reasons that it has been spreading so fast.  Once these germs get on surfaces then you or your family member can come into contact with them, touch your mouth or eyes and end up sick.  It is important to have a cleaning routine to get rid of these germs.  Having antibacterial wipes handy and wiping down surfaces regularly can help reduce the number of germs.

Clean High Touch Areas

High touch areas like door knobs, light switches along with bathroom and kitchen counters are all areas in your home that are touched frequently by the whole household.  You will need to disinfect these areas more often, even if these areas look clean viruses and germs can still be lingering there.  Make it a policy to regularly spray with disinfect or wipe down TV remotes, doorknobs, taps and don’t forget your phone.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

The kitchens and bathrooms are the most used rooms in your house, they are also the rooms that are damp making the perfect petri dish for viruses to hang out in.  During flu season or a crisis like Covid has been then you need to spend more time cleaning these areas.  In the kitchen you want to make sure that sponges are replaced or sanitized.  You can pop them into the microwave for a minute to kill any germs on them.  Wash dish cloths, wash cloths and dish towels in hot water and make sure you dry them thoroughly.  You can keep a container of Clorox wipes in the bathroom to wipe down toilet seats, sinks and taps in between regular cleaning services.

Close the Lid

Scientists believe that when you flush there is micro spray that travels in the air and can land on the surfaces of your bathroom.  Closing the lid can limit the amount of “spray” throughout the bathroom and that reduces the number of overall germs in the room.

Clean the Toys

Children, while adorable are little germ factories spreading viruses all over your home.  Small kids put everything in their mouth, they hug everyone and everything and while their toys may not look dirty they are covered in germs.

Healthy Habits are Key

You can sanitize your home all you want but you are also going to need some healthy habits to go along with that.  Start by washing your hands often, especially before you eat or handle food.  Keep up with the dishes and do the laundry in hot water, if someone gets sick then you need to change bedding and wash the blankets.  Make sure that trash is taken out regularly.  You also want to take care of yourself so healthy food and plenty of rest can do wonders for keeping your own immune system healthy.

We know that Covid can be scary and the whole situation can make you feel pretty powerless, but following these simple steps can go a long way toward keeping the Covid virus out of your home.

Stay safe!

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