How Do I Find The Motivation To Clean My House

How Do I Find The Motivation To Clean My House

Can you think of anything that is less fun to do than clean, maybe a root canal but that’s about it.  Cleaning is exhausting, takes up a ton of your spare time and did we mention how boring it is?  It’s not surprising that there are lots of people that have to force themselves to clean their homes.  Short of hiring a Boston maid service to do the work for you, can you make cleaning your home any easier?

How do you get motivated?

First, the idea of cleaning your whole house is scary and that makes it that much harder to even get started.  So let’s break this down into something a whole lot more manageable.  The first thing you should start with is breaking the bad habit of letting clutter or dirt get out of control.  Here are some tips on how you can manage that.

Start with these:

  1. Break bad habits. Create routines that keep your home clean, for instance when you get home hang up your coat and put your shoes where they belong.  Have a place set aside for things like your remotes, keys, chargers and game controllers.  Don’t leave clothes laying around and scrape off plates, rinse and put them in the dishwasher.
  2. Teach your kids to help. Kids are slobs, they are naturally disorganized and leave stuff laying around all over your house.  Getting your kids to clean their room may be impossible but teaching them to clean up their plates after dinner is a bit more doable.  Start with the little things and you will have less mess and clutter to deal with after a while.
  3. Do a little bit every day. It only takes a couple of seconds to grab a wipe and clean off a countertop.  Doing little things like this every day makes cleaning day a little less work.
  4. Keep pets off furniture. Not only does this keep your furniture in better condition it will keep down the amount of hair that you have to clean up.

Getting started

If the previous tips still don’t inspire you to get up and start cleaning, don’t worry we get it.  Here are some other ideas to motivate you.

Invite Company Over

Make sure that you invite someone over that will motivate you to get up and clean, that could be your mother, mother-in-law or your boss.  Invite someone you DON’T want to think you’re an absolute slob.

how to get motivated to clean your home

Hire a Cleaning Company

We get it, sometimes it is not about motivation, sometimes there just simply aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done.  You have someone come in on a weekly basis or even just a couple of times a year to help you with the big stuff like cleaning your fridge and stove.  Professional cleaning companies bring their own cleaners and equipment and can turn your home into a warm, inviting and comfortable space you would be proud to show to anyone.

How Do I Book a Cleaning Company

Simple, just head on over to our booking page, input your information and then one of our top rated cleaners will be by to make your home sparkle.

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