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Our Deep Cleaning Service

You’re life is busy, you have a ton of responsibilities between work and home and we get that. Do you really want to spend what little spare time you have cleaning your oven? There will also be times throughout the year where you want your home cleaned from top to bottom, in the spring, before the holidays and when you have company coming but finding the time proves to be too much. Instead of stressing about the situation you can just give Maid Spotless a call and we will do all of the work for you.

We offer a variety of cleaning services from move in cleaning, regular cleaning services and deep cleaning when you need it. Our team of maids will show up on time and they bring everything they need with them to leave your home in pristine condition. Whatever you need to make your home clean, healthy and sparkling we can help with.

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Our Deep Cleaning Services

With all that you have going on in your life you have a ton of details to keep track of and making sure that kids get to school, you get to work and everything else gets done.  It is easy to put off things like cleaning inside your cabinets or the fridge.  Before you know it it is two weeks before the holidays and you’re scrambling to get everything done on time.  Our team can handle that deep clean that your home needs, even if it is last minute.

Our deep clean includes all our services that are part of our regular clean and more. Our team will tackle your house one room at a time, we are quick, efficient and we make sure that nothing is overlooked.  We even provide a checklist so that you know that we have got you covered.  Your friends and family will be in awe of your sparkling clean home, the best part….you can take all the credit.

The Benefits of Deep Cleaning

Even when you keep up with day to day cleaning you can still have dust and other allergens collecting in your home.  Bacteria and germs can grow on a variety of surfaces and that can make your home smell musty, not to mention leaving behind a layer or dirt for all to see.  Deep cleaning cleans all of the surfaces that don’t get wiped down during a regular clean.

When Should You Schedule a Deep Clean?

You can schedule a deep clean whenever you like, many of our clients opt for a deep clean on a monthly basis.  If your home hasn’t had a deep clean in three months or longer then it is probably a good idea.  This makes regular cleaning easier and keeps the air quality in your home healthy.

You can also schedule a deep clean in the fall, spring or before a big event.  If you have company coming for the holidays or to visit then it is a good time to get your home ready. Your guests will feel more comfortable and you will be proud to show off your home.  Letting us take care of your deep clean leaves you free to take care of the rest of the details.  All of our cleaning services are meant to meet the needs of our clients, that is how we ensure client satisfaction.

Every time we clean, we’ll provide services that include the following:

  • Bathrooms: Cobwebs removed, dusting, floors cleaned, toilets cleaned, mirrors / chrome fixtures cleaned, shower doors cleaned, tile walls, bathtub / showers cleaned
  • Sleeping Areas: Surfaces hand wiped, floors cleaned, general dusting, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned
  • Living Areas: Surfaces hand wiped, cobwebs removed, doors and door frames spot cleaned, general dusting, floors cleaned
  • Kitchen: Countertops cleaned, outside of range hood cleaned, top and front of range cleaned, drip pans / glass top surfaces wiped, sinks cleaned and chrome shined, fronts of all appliances cleaned, general dusting, cobwebs removed, microwave wiped out, doors and door frames spot cleaned


I use this cleaning service for my home and I'm so happy to have found them. They are affordable and provide the best customer service experience. I have been using them for over a year already! I would recommend Jen in particular.
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