cleaning with steam mops

Cleaning with Steam Mops

Those old string mops that your mother used to use to clean the floor didn’t really clean that well, after the first swipe you pretty much spread the dirt around.  You had to wring them out by hand and that was gross too.  It’s 2020 and now there are better alternatives for cleaning your floors.  You can get rid of stains, dirt, grime, scuffs and all of the yuck that gathers on your floors.  Let’s talk about cleaning with steam mops, you’ll find them a whole lot easier to use than those old fashioned icky mops.

The Advantages of Steam Mops

Steam mops are soooooo much better than your standard bucket and mop.  The newer models can be used on all types of flooring, including hardwood, marble, tile and even laminate flooring.  Steam mops don’t use a ton of water and they dry in just a couple of minutes so they won’t ruin the surface of hardwood.  The newer ones have adjustable temperatures so they can be used on laminate flooring without ruining.  The have a small water reservoir so you don’t have to lug around a bucket of water anymore.

No More Chemicals

Flat mops, microfiber and string mops need water and some time some type of chemical floor cleaner.  If you spill the bucket or you use too much water then you run the risk of ruining your floor.  With steam the water pretty much evaporates right after it hits the floor so no drying the floor. Since it uses very hot steam to clean the floor you don’t need chemicals to clean the floor.  Less water, less chemicals it is a much greener solution.

More Effective Clean

Cleaning with steam mops give you a more effective clean than using any type of mop.  Once you use a mop it goes back into the bucket, into dirty water and you end up spreading that dirty water all over your floor.  Steam cleaning uses water at high temperatures, hot enough to kill any germs and bacteria that happen to be on your floor.  At the same time your floors are perfectly safe for your kids to roll around on and for pets to sleep on.  Using a steam mop to clean also helps kill mold and mildew, particularly in your bathroom, they destroy dust mites and other allergens that can be found in your home.

Other Uses for Steam Mops

Originally steam mops only cleaned floors, but newer models have detachable hand held steamer units that you can use to clean your whole home.  Steam cleaners are amazing to use around the sinks and toilets.  They get rid of all the gunk that collects around the taps, most people don’t realize that sinks are typically the dirtiest place in the home.  The grout around your bathtub is another place that gets covered in mildew and mold pretty quickly and it can be really hard to clean, even when you use products that contain bleach.  Cleaning your oven will go from being the worst job ever to being to being a breeze.

Aside from being able to clean without the use of toxic chemicals using a steamer to do your cleaner is faster and easier to get your home cleaned and sanitized.

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